Job Bulletin — Fire Administrator [CLOSED]

Information relating to various administrative positions within the Los Santos Fire Department is made available to civilians here.

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Job Bulletin — Fire Administrator [CLOSED]

Post by HRD » Sat Apr 20, 2019 11:32 pm


City of Los Santos invites applications for the position of:
An Equal Opportunity Employer



    JOB TYPE: Part-time or Full-time

    LOCATION: City of Los Santos, SA

    DEPARTMENT: Administrative

    DUTIES: Administrative duties of the Los Santos Fire Department include serving as a Special Investigator and or Executive Assistant. Administrative positions within the Department may be part or full time depending on the position. All administrative positions work under the Office of the Fire Chief unless otherwise dictated.

    • Applicants are required to be 18 years of age at the time of application;
    • Applicants are required to possess a valid drivers license within the State of San Andreas;
    • Applicants are required to have no criminal history beyond civil/traffic infractions;
    • Applicants are required to be a graduate of a United States High School or G.E.D equivalent;
    • Applicants are required to maintain fluent communicative skills within the English language, both written and verbal;
    • (( Applicants must not have a recent or excessive admin record on any character. Recent is typically defined as one month/30 days, with excessive records being determined case-to-case; ))
    • (( Applicants must disclose information that may affect the status of their application. This includes previous terminations and bans from a legal faction, any current bans from a legal faction, admin history on the LS-RP forums and game-server; ))
    • (( Applicants must not be actively banned or otherwise barred from the Los Santos Fire Department; ))
    • (( Applicants must not be in another official faction on the character they are applying with. Double Faction Permission must be obtained if in an official faction on a separate character; ))
    • (( Applicants must be able to roleplay in a realistic fashion and display proper character development; ))
    • (( Applicants must have their forum name in the format of Firstname_Lastname. ))

    • Stage 1 — Applicant submits application to the Office of the Fire Chief for review.
    • Stage 2 — The Office of the Fire Chief review the submitted application. Previous employers may be contacted and a background check is conducted for criminal and other history.
    • Stage 3 — The Office of the Fire Chief returns correspondance if interested in the applicant.

    (( The following application is submitted electronically, with letters being returned to the applicant through mail. Fill out the form below and send a private message to LSFD Chief Fire Officers with the provided title. ))


    Code: Select all

    [Fire Admin] Firstname Lastname

    Code: Select all

    [hr][/hr][size=110][b]FIRE ADMIN APPLICATION[/b][/center][/size][hr][/hr]
    [divbox=black][color=white][b]I — APPLICANT INFORMATION[/b][/color][/divbox]
    1A. [b]Full Name:[/b] Answer
    1B. [b]Date of Birth[/b]: Answer
    1C. [b]Gender[/b]: Answer
    1D. [b]Weight (lbs)[/b]: Answer
    1E. [b]Height (ft' in'')[/b]: Answer
    1F. [b] E-mail Address:[/b] Answer
    1G. [b] Domestic Address:[/b] Answer
    1H. [b] Phone Number:[/b] Answer
    1I. [b]Are you a citizen of the United States?[/b]: Answer
    1J. [b]Do you possess a drivers license within the State of San Andreas?[/b]: Answer
    1K. [b]Do you possess any form of a firearms license within the State of San Andreas?[/b]: Answer
    1L. [b]Do you have any history of civil infractions (including traffic)?[/b]: Answer
    1M. [b]If you answered yes to the above, specify[/b]: Answer
    1N. [b]Do you have any criminal convictions? If so, specify[/b]: Answer
    [divbox=black][color=white][b]II — APPLICANT BACKGROUND AND EDUCATION[/b][/color][/divbox]
    2A. [b]Are you a High School Graduate, or do you possess a G.E.D? Where did you receive this education?[/b]: Answer
    2B. [b]Have you completed any form of education beyond the above? If so, specify[/b]: Answer
    2C. [b]Have you previously submitted an application for a position within the Los Santos Fire Department?[/b]: Answer
    2D. [b]Have you previously been employed by the Los Santos Fire Department?[/b]: Answer
    2E. [b]Have you previously been employed by any government agency? If so, specify[/b]: Answer
    2F. [b]List any previous employment[/b]:
    [b]Nature of Employment:[/b] Answer
    [b]Name of Employer:[/b] Answer
    [b]Duration of Employment[/b]: DD/MMM/YYYY - DD/MMM/YYYY
    [divbox=black][color=white][b]III — APPLICANT STATEMENT[/b][/color][/divbox]
    3A. [b]Fill in the following statement:[/b] I, _____, certify that the information provided in this application is factual at the time of submission. By submitting this application, I authorize the Los Santos Fire Department and any relevant employee authorized by them to conduct a thorough investigation on me, which may involve accessing relevant government records. I understand that should any information be deemed untruthful, I may face civil or criminal penalties. I also acknowledge that I have read all information provided to me and have put full effort into the submission and compilation of this application.
    [divbox=black][color=white][b](( IV — OUT-OF-CHARACTER INFORMATION ))[/b][/color][/divbox]
    4A. [b]Country[/b]: Answer
    4B. [b]Timezone[/b]: Answer
    4C. [b]Names of all LS-RP Forum Accounts[/b]: Answer
    4D. [b]Link to forum verification:[/b] [url=link]Verification[/url]
    4E. [b]Current character names and levels[/b]: [list]
    [*]Character Name - Level
    4F. [b]Past character names[/b]: [list]
    [*]Character Name
    4G. [b]Provide your unedited admin record for all characters[/b]: [list]
    [*]Image Link 1
    4H. [b]Are you currently in an official faction? If yes, provide the name[/b]: Answer
    4I. [b]If you answered yes to the above, provide proof of Double Faction Permission[/b]: Answer
    4J. [b]List all official factions you have previously been in[/b]: [list]
    [*]Faction Name
    4K. [b]Are you currently banned from any legal factions? If so, specify and explain:[/b]: Answer